What is REAL Golf Improvement?

What is REAL Golf Improvement?

… a Powerfully SIMPLE, Amazingly EFFECTIVE, Wonderfully Different APPROACH to Golf Improvement

Okay, be honest.  When you just read that RGI is a new way to approach golf improvement, you probably assumed this is just another new way to swing, right?  AU CONTRAIRE!

RGI is a truly DIFFERENT approach to golf improvement.  Consider how the first car was different from a horse drawn carriage, how the Fosbury Flop was different from the scissor kick (high jump), or how a cell phone is different from a land line, and you’ll get an idea of what we mean by “different.”

To fully understand the difference, you’ll need to EXPERIENCE it for yourself.  But, for now, we’ll do our best to explain some of the highlights below.

The Conventional Approach to Golf Improvement is
NOT Working

Let’s face it.  The stats for golf improvement are pretty horrific.

The average handicap hasn’t improved in years despite major advances in equipment.  Over 2 million golfers quit the game each year, the majority due to frustration and a lack of improvement.  Millions more are plagued by inconsistency and a lack of enjoyment.

It’s no wonder!  The mentally draining golf swing “to-do” lists you need to keep remembering, the constant strain of telling your body how to swing, and the continual stress of trying to figure out what’s wrong with your swing SUCKS THE FUN right out of your game.

Golfers are Forced to Deal with an Ever-Growing Mass of Confusing, Contradictory Information

Take a moment and think about all the different things you’ve heard about how to swing a golf club.  How to stand, hold the club, take the club back, make a back swing, shift your weight, release the club, and so on.  Where to position your feet, knees, hips, head, shoulders, arms, and hands.  How to move your knees, hips, and shoulders.  The list goes on and on.

Have you seen the list of golf swing information shrinking?  NO.  It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  There is more and more swing information available.  Plus, a lot of the same information comes around again every few years like clothing styles.

The most important thing to note is that everyone says their way is the “right way” – as if there is one definite “right way” for everyone.  But, since golfers believe different things, there’s no way every way can be the “right way.”  What it can be is downright confusing!

If Your Favorite Tour Pro, Local Pro, and Famous TV Coach All Tell You Something Different, WHO Are You Going to Believe? Why?

Have you ever heard the joke that says, “If you take lessons from 10 different golf pros, how many different golf swings will you learn?”  Then, the person telling the joke says, “10!” and most people get a laugh out of it.  On the surface, it can be funny to think about.  But, for someone who’s serious about improving their golf swing, how funny is this really?

If you take a deeper look, you’ll see the REAL problem with all the confusing, contradictory golf advice bombarding golfers today – you have NO way to know which way is “right.”  Instead you’re left to try to figure out WHO to believe.

Trying to figure out WHO to believe is NOT the best way to find the golf swing that fits YOU best – especially when faced with multiple credible sources!

Most Golfers Don’t Even Realize They’re STUCK!  They Just Keep Circling from One Swing Method to the Next

If you’ve been golfing for some time, this may be hard to stomach, but take a few moments and consider all the different grips, stances, back swings and forward swings you’ve tried over the years.  Now, look at all the things you may be thinking about or trying out lately.  Or, perhaps you’re searching for the fix to a problem you’ve been facing.

Sorry to have to burst your bubble (well, not really, because that’s exactly what we want to do), but what makes you think the new things you’re trying out are going to be any different than the things you’ve tried out in the past?  What makes you think the next swing “secret,” “key,” or “tip” will help you in a way the others haven’t?

Most golfers have no idea they’re STUCK!  Until you realize there’s another way to go, you’ll keep searching for the answers in the same place you’ve always been searching for the answers.

Going from One Tip to the Next, Endlessly Searching and Searching is a Tiring, Frustrating Process

We get it!  We did it for years, too.  Searched and searched and searched and searched.  Read every book.  Watched every video.  Tried every tip.  Took more lessons.  Watched more videos.  Attended more schools.  When that didn’t work, we continued our search.

Some golfers search for a golf swing for as long as they play the game.  Many golfers simply give up and try to convince themselves they don’t care about improving any more (all the while, still secretly searching for the missing link they must’ve missed).

Searching for the solution to a swing problem in a mountain of confusing, contradictory swing advice is worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.  At least, you’d know a needle if you saw one.  Unfortunately for most golfers, they’re not sure what they’re searching for so they wouldn’t even know it if it was right in front of them.

Golf Improvement Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult!
BUT, If You Want Different Results, You Need to Take a Different Approach

If you knew there was a FASTER, SIMPLER, EASIER way to get the RESULTS you want – and those results were GUARANTEED, would you want to use it?

Of course you would!  But, you’d have to believe it first.  And, to be perfectly honest, most golfers don’t believe anything they hear about golf improvement any more!

One thing you can know for sure though … if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the same results you’d been getting.  So, put the swing methods and swing tips to rest and let us show you a truly different approach.  One that actually works!

With RGI, You’ll Learn a Much More Effective Way to APPROACH Your Swing, Play, Practice, Improvement, and Yourself

The REAL Golf Improvement program (RGI for short) is divided into 5 main areas that we call “Keystones.”

Thru these 5 Keystones, you’ll learn how to:

  • SWING Your Best
  • PLAY Your Best
  • PRACTICE Your Best
  • IMPROVE Your Best
  • BE Your BEST

With RGI, you’ll approach your swing, play, and practice in a way that allows you to keep getting BETTER and BETTER over time!

Say “Goodbye” FOREVER to Confusion, Awkward Motions, and Everything Else Troublesome About Conventional Golf Improvement

You may not understand why just yet, but it’s the swing methods, swing thoughts, and swing tips that have been keeping you STUCK!

YES!  Unfortunately, it’s true.  It turns out the exact same things you’ve been turning to for improvement have been preventing you from improving the way you want – kind of like how some prescription drugs can cause more problems than the problem they set out to help.

But, the GREAT NEWS is, when you stop using swing methods, swing thoughts, and swing tips, EVERY PROBLEM associated with them disappears, too!  Hallejulah!  No more confusing, contradictory swing methods.  No more time-wasting misconceptions.  No more awkward, uncomfortable positions.  No more major swing overhauls.  No more long swing “to-do” lists. No more wasted time, period.

“I’ll never go back to the old way of teaching again!”

Gary Yeatts, Life Coach

Once You’re Part of the RGI YOUniverse, Everything About Golf Improvement Becomes SIMPLER and EASIER

Golf improvement itself is NOT difficult!  It’s the approach you’ve been taking to golf improvement that’s been making it difficult.

With RGI, golf improvement is SIMPLE because you’re taking a different approach.

Imagine learning the last golf swing you’ll ever need to learn.  Consistently playing your best because you’re thinking less and enjoying golf more.  And, knowing that every minute you practice will pay off with results.  That’s what you can expect with RGI.

With RGI, You’ll Learn How to Find YOUR Best Swing – the ONLY Golf Swing that Fits YOU and
YOUR BODY Perfectly

Most golfers try to learn how to swing by piecing together a series of swing ideas from a variety of different sources.  We call that the “Frankenswing” technique.

Surprisingly, one of the sources that is rarely consulted during the swing development process is the one that matters most – YOUR BODY!

With RGI, you’ll learn how to find YOUR BEST SWING by teaming up with your body and making your body an integral part of the process.   It’s hard to believe we could be led to believe there’s any other way to do it!

With RGI, There’s NO MORE Mystery About WHAT to Change, HOW to Change, or How Much TIME a Change Will Take

To improve ANY aspect of your golf game, there are only 3 things you need to succeed – WHAT to change, HOW to change, and the TIME to change.

Unfortunately though, most golfers are lacking 1, 2, or all 3 of these necessities.  They’re practicing the wrong things, practicing in the wrong way, and jumping from one thing to the next without giving any change the time it needs.  That’s what you call a waste of time and a lack of improvement!

With RGI, you ALWAYS IMPROVE.  That’s because you always know WHAT the most important change is you need to make (your MIC);  you always know HOW to make the change in the fastest, easiest way; and you always know the TIME required to make a change so you never waste time starting a change you don’t plan to finish.

RGI’s Proprietary Program is a FAIL-PROOF Way to Improve YOUR GOLF GAME

When you’re practicing the RIGHT things, practicing in the RIGHT way and sticking with every change until it’s complete, it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL.  Seriously!

Think about it.  If you could somehow magically know the ONE change you need to make to fix any problem or achieve any goal.  AND, know exactly how to make the change in the fastest, easiest way.  AND, believe in the change with such conviction that you could easily stick with it, what would that give you?

YES!  Improvement.  Pure and simple.  Every time.  All the time.  You don’t need magic.  You just need to use RGI.

REAL Golf Improvement puts the ‘YOU’ back into ‘YOUR’ golf game.”

Dori O

Developed by Pioneering, LPGA Teaching Professional, Dori O’Rourke, RGI has Been Proven to Work for Men and Women Golfers of All Levels

Dori isn’t like most golf professionals.  She’s not going to tell you the “right way” to swing because she doesn’t believe there is one.  She’s also not going to ask you to believe her.  What she will do is show you how to find the ONE swing that fits YOU best.  She’ll also help you understand WHY so you can decide for yourself and take control of your swing, your game, and the improvement process.

Dori isn’t just a golf professional either.  She’s also a certified life coach and personal development expert who can draw on her 30+ years of life improvement training and experience as much as her extensive golf improvement background.

Most important, Dori is the REAL deal.  She has a warm, caring heart and a great sense of humor.  She openly discusses her own personal struggles and challenges with golf (one of which is still “a work in progress”).  She’ll tell you what’s true for her, even if it’s not the popular opinion.  And, she isn’t afraid to do things differently if it means getting faster, easier RESULTS.

“Dori is not only a radical innovator, she’s a superb teacher!”

Dr. Bill Brahm, Avid Golfer

RGI Delivers Amazingly Different RESULTS Because We Take a Truly
Different APPROACH

RGI is different.  The RGI Advantage lists the 5 most important ways:

1.  The RGI program starts and ends with YOU!  The entire program is completely centered on YOU – your goals, your swing, and your ideal state, to name a few.

2.  We show YOU how to take total control over your swing and your game for extraordinary results.  No more needing other people to tell you what to do.

3.  Our SIMPLE step-by-step format makes learning easier.  PLUS, our information is presented 3 ways for all the different learning styles – video for watchers, audio for listeners, and transcripts and reports for readers.

4.  Every RGI program includes unlimited support.  That way, you get all your questions answered and learn everything you want to learn.

5.  We help you understand the heart of what you need.  That way you’ll always know WHY the change you’re making will guarantee results.

If you don’t know WHY a change will guarantee results, why make the change?  If you don’t have a solid reason supporting a change, what will stop you from switching to something else when the next shiny swing tip comes around?

RGI helps you reach your goals in the fastest, easiest way because everything is based on YOU and directly tied to RESULTS.

However You Decide to Do It, Learn RGI as Soon as Possible, So YOU Can Start Seeing RESULTS in Your Golf Game Right Away!

You won’t find this program anywhere else.  So, if you’re ready to put your golf struggles behind you once and for all, get started TODAY!

Contact Dori for a free consultation.

Whichever way you choose to get started, once you start using RGI, you’ll never want to go back to the conventional approach again!

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