Rave Reviews

“You’re Not Only a Radical Innovator,
You’re a Superb Teacher.”

“I’ve taken lessons from numerous golf professionals and they’ve all instructed me on ‘their’ system. I’d try for several weeks to imitate their swing/system and end up frustrated. With your approach, I had the feeling, ‘I’m home at last.’

I’m convinced there’s real hope for this old war horse of a golfer. You’re not only a radical innovator; you’re a superb teacher.”

— Dr. Bill Brahm, Avid Golfer

“I Strongly Recommend this Approach.”

“I was a 30+ handicapper with a terrible slice. I took lessons on two different occasions in an attempt to fix my slice. In each case, they wanted to re-invent my swing, and at 62 yrs of age, that did not come easily. The changes were so massive and so different, that I could never get comfortable and simply reverted to what I knew best.

Determined to improve, I researched several golf coaches and the only one that seemed to have a completely different approach was Coach Dori. In my first lesson she just watched my swing and began to suggest subtle changes. She did NOT attempt to rebuild my swing, but rather helped me to realize what I was doing wrong.

My game began to show serious improvement and I was cured of my slice. More importantly, I understood WHY I sliced the ball, and once in a while if I start to slip back, I KNOW how to fix the problem. If you have what seems like the unfixable slice, I strongly recommend Coach Dori’s approach, it worked for me and I believe it can work for you.”

— Don Metcalf, Police Captain, Retired

“From Feeling Like a Failure,

“I have taken at least 3 or 4 golf lessons over my adult life because my husband wanted me to be able to play with him. All, to no avail. I found them to be difficult and not in the least bit fun. I played terribly and felt like a failure, as well.

Then I learned to play golf using REAL Golf Improvement. What a treat! Dori gave me simple instructions I could easily follow and she helped me relax and enjoy the experience. At this late date in my life, I found I LOVE GOLF!”

— Penny Walsh, 55+ NEW Golfer


“Over the past 20 years, I have read every golf magazine on the planet and tried several golf coaches and clinics as well, to resolve my tendency to slice. At times I would have some success, but always reverted back to the slice stroke rather quickly.

Then I took some lessons from Coach Dori and not only was I able to get rid of the slice, but I developed a slight draw as well! What an amazing transformation! There is no question that if you want to get rid of a slice, Dori will definitely enable you to permanently get rid of your slice and, if you work on it, even develop a nice draw!”

— Ron McCaffery, Retired Ford Motor Executive

“Your Teaching Style is So Much EASIER.”

Coach Dori, words cannot express how thankful I am! I would not be playing golf right now if not for you. I took lessons from 4 other professionals and each time felt more and more hopeless. After my last lesson with the 4th pro, I was in tears and ready to sell my clubs and give up golf forever.

Somehow though, I saw a copy of your book, and after reading it, decided to give lessons one last try. I’m so very happy I did. You were the first golf professional I could actually understand. The other instructors meant well, but after their lessons I always walked away knowing I didn’t fully comprehend what they wanted me to do.

Your teaching style is so much easier. The way you start with the club at impact and work back from there makes everything so simple and clear. I used to shoot around 110. Now, I’m shooting in the low 90’s and know I’ll be in the 80’s soon. Most important, I’m really enjoying the game now and having fun again. Please tell all your potential students, there’s still hope. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— Suzanne Sullivan, Real Estate Professional, San Diego

“Straight and High”

“I’ve been working with Coach Dori for 5 months and she has really simplified the game of golf. Other teachers have stressed the normal stuff, weight shift, head position, videos and pictures of the greats and their golf swings. Dori stressed my swing, or what my body does, and then worked with that.

I came to her to stop slicing and hitting everything to the right, and she has me now hitting the ball straight and with as much height as I have ever had from my golf swing.

I never thought I would enjoy hitting balls on the range, but now look forward to it a couple times a week. And perhaps the best tip from Dori is how to play target golf on the course, not worry about the swing, and to have fun. I would recommend her approach and fantastic website to anyone wanting to improve their golf game.”

— Peter Baldwin, Retired CPA


“Simplicity is the corner stone of Coach Dori’s teaching method. The other approaches that I have used (books, videos and instructors) all involved too many elements to remember in making the correct golf swing. This made the process confusing, complicated and hindered my progress.

In contrast, Dori focuses upon only a few essential elements to develop the correct path and plane for my swing. This resulted in an improvement to my scores and enhanced enjoyment of the game.”

— Dennis Phelps, Avid Golfer