The Book is Coming!
The Book is Coming!

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Hi!  Dori here.  I’m the creator of REAL Golf Improvement.  I’m also a 35+ year LPGA Teaching Professional.  That’s me in the picture above playing golf with my barrier-breaking step-dad, PGA Golf Legend, Lee Elder.

Lee passed away at age 87 in November 2021, a few days after we celebrated Thanksgiving together.  His life motto was Stay the Course!

That philosophy helped Lee overcome tremendous barriers in his life, and accomplish numerous historic accomplishments, like becoming the first black man to play in the Masters® (1975) and the Ryder Cup® (1979).

Over 20 years ago, I developed a wonderfully different, much more effective way to learn, play, and improve golf.  I’ve been using and honing the program ever since.

Now, inspired in part by Lee and his amazing life, I’ve decided to become a barrier-breaker myself by sharing REAL Golf Improvement on a larger scale.

First things first, I’ve created a game-changing membership program called RGI Insiders. It’s going to officially launch in January 2024. You can join now at a special price and receive an entire year FREE!  Next up, is an amazing collection of one-of-a-kind online programs.

And, three is the charm … the release of my groundbreaking new golf book, REAL Golf Improvement™ We anticipate it being available in early 2024.

Along with that, we’ll be releasing several free online golf programs, as well. The first is called, GOLF Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult™.  It’s available right now by clicking on the Improve YOUR Game link in the main navigation, then clicking on FREE Online Golf Programs.

REAL Golf Improvement™ is truly a game-changer for golfers of all levels.  It makes everything about golf improvement EASIER and MORE FUN!

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