The 4 Levels of Golf Swing Understanding

The 4 Levels of Golf Swing Understanding

Hello, Dori here. I want to welcome you to this video on the FOUR levels of golf swing understanding. I think it’s very helpful to know what level of golf swing understanding you’re at, and to know what the different levels are. So, you can see where you could be.

How Do I Learn to Swing?

Okay, let’s get started. The golfers who are level one are normally new golfers, and they haven’t yet realized that there are many different ways to swing.

So, they just think, “I want to learn how to swing” as if there is just one way to swing. And usually, they don’t care where they learn it. When you think there’s just one way to swing.

Well, you figure you can learn it anywhere, right, because there’s just one way to swing. So, you just might as well go where the price is the least and learn it there, why not.

So Many Swings Out There!

Very quickly though, many golfers learn that there isn’t just one way to swing. In fact, there are many different ways to swing, and the way to swing you’re being told, depends on who you’re asking. So, depending on who you talk to, you may learn a completely different swing than if you talk to somebody else.

Now you’ve entered level two. Golfers at level two don’t believe there’s just one way to swing anymore. They get it. There are a lot of different ways to swing, and it depends on who you ask or who you’re talking to. So now they’re going to search for the right way to swing.

So, of all the different methods out there, what’s the one way that is the best way to swing? Many, many golfers are at level two. They’re hunting for the right way to swing.

But What is the BEST Swing?

And they’re going through all the different methods, trying to find it. At some point, though, those golfers who are dedicated to finding the right way to swing. They eventually see that there are many right ways to swing. There are a lot of different ways to swing that works.

You just look on tour to see that when a golfer realizes that there are many right ways to swing, then they’ve reached level three. Now the search continues, but it’s slightly different because now it’s not just about finding the right way to swing. It’s about finding the swing that fits them best.

Now, the golfer has a deeper understanding of the many methods out there and that many of them work – it just depends on who you are. So now they’re looking at themselves and they’re saying, okay, now I need to find the right way to swing that fits me best.

Where Most Experienced Golfers Get Stuck

In other words, of all the right ways, one of them is going to fit me best – that’s level three. As we discussed, most new golfers are going to be at level one where they think there’s just one way to swing.

Most experienced golfers are going to be a level two or three. The more experienced golfers are going to be level three for most golfers. This is as far as they go, level three. And they stay at level three for their entire golf career for as long as they play golf.

And the search forevermore is to find the swing method that fits them best. This is where I was for many, many years. Just like all the other experienced golfers out there who are searching and searching. You end up at level three, you at least realize there are many different methods out there.

Don’t Stop at Level 3

And you’re thinking, okay, one of these isn’t just right, but it’s right for me, the best one for me. And that may sound like a great place to be, but there is another level that most golfers have never reached – level four. In fact, most golfers don’t even realize there is a level four.

Level four is what we teach at REAL Golf Improvement™.

For the first 15 years of my golf career, I was primarily in level three. You know, once I got past level one and two, I lived at level three, like most experienced golfers and golf professionals.

But for the last 15 years I’ve been at level four, and level four is the place you want to be. It’s the place where you have the deepest understanding possible about your golf swing.

Go Beyond Swing Methods

You realize that swing methods themselves are holding you back. You realize that it’s not about finding the swing method that fits you best.

Level four is about ending your search altogether,  It’s about going beyond all swing methods. Not using swing methods anymore at all.

It’s simply about finding your best swing. I’ve been at level four for the past 15 years, both as a player and a coach. And I will tell you, level four is where it’s at. That’s where ultimate freedom lives.

That’s where the golf swing you’ve always wanted lives. The last golf swing you ever need to learn. And that’s because you’re finally going to be able to find your best swing, the one and only swing that fits you best.

And there’s no way you’re going to find that in any swing method. You have to go beyond swing methods entirely.

If you want to find it, this is the way I teach now and have taught for the past 15 years. This is the real swing approach. It’s about finding your best swing.

Once I show you how to do it, you’ll understand why it’s light years ahead of level three.

What Level Are You At?

And it’s so dramatically different and much more effective than anything you’ve done before. So, getting back to you now, what level are you at?

Are you at level one where you think there’s just one right way to swing, and you’re going to go out and try to find it?

Are you at level two when you realize there are many different ways to swing, but you’re looking for that one that’s the most right?

Or are you at level three when you realize there are many right ways to swing, and you’re hunting for the one that fits you best whatever level you’re at?

Level 4 Is Where It’s At!

I want to invite you to skip all the levels. One, two, and three, and just jump straight up to level four and start finding your best swing.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in the REAL Golf Improvement™ program levels. One, two and three are all the conventional approach to golf. Swing improvement. Level four is the REAL Golf Improvement™ approach.

The Last Golf Swing You Will Ever Need

Whatever level you’re at right now, it actually doesn’t matter, because you can jump right up to level four and learn your best swing. And I’ll show you in the next training how much more effective that’s going to be.

All the time and struggle that it’s going to save you to stop hunting through all the different swing methods to finally find the swing you’ve always wanted your best swing.

It’s the last swing you’ll ever need to learn, because it’s the only swing that’ll fit your body perfectly and give you those results you want. I look forward to helping you jump up to level four and to see what true swings and freedom feels like.

How I Broke Free from Golf Swing Methods

How I Broke Free from Golf Swing Methods

Hi, Dori O’Rourke here again. In this video I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I broke free from swing methods because it was quite a process-actually 15 years. I can’t believe that’s true, but it is.

I had been teaching golf already for 15 years when I had a life changing realization that led me to develop what I’d been using. And to see that the real key to finding the swing I had always wanted was to break free or go beyond swing methods.

I was just stuck in this way, and I didn’t realize I was stuck because it was THE way. Right.

And just to give you a little history. So, you know, when you learn golf, usually you learn it from a person or coach or family, friends, somebody. Well, I learned it actually in college as a junior in college.

Why From Tennis to Golf?

And I had to take a two-week golf class as part of my sports medicine major. So, I was on a tennis scholarship at the time and playing on the basketball team when I took up golf, like I said, as a junior.

And to cut to the chase, I actually really got the bug that summer and turned in my tennis scholarship. Although there’s more to the story than that. But I did turn in my tennis scholarship and decided to really go full out and golf.

So anyway, I ended up taking some lessons early on, and I was very athletic and learned pretty quickly, got to be a two-handicap, no three- handicap within two years. And, you know, just kept on playing, was having fun with it and all that.

But along the way, you know, it’s funny. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of this, but a three-handicap is pretty dang good, right, normally. And certainly, how fast I got there.

But then I turned pro and overnight it’s like, you go from a three-handicap, like, woo, that’s really cool. But when you’re a three-handicap pro and you’re playing scratch golf, that is not so good. So, it’s not good all of a sudden overnight.

And then I started playing mini tour events where you’re playing the tees farther back. So pretty much between being a three-handicap and playing longer courses overnight, I was really about a seven-handicap.

You know, if you looked at it that way, anyway, it basically led me on this search that took me many, many years through all these different methods, because I had in my mind, I wanted to find, you know, the best swing. I really, if I really look at it now, I just wanted a consistent swing, that felt good, you know, and got me results.

I Couldn’t Believe It!

So, you know, I’d played a high level of so many sports. It just didn’t seem like it’d be that difficult. But here I was 15 years later after having learned and taught all these different methods, and I was standing on the range and I was like, you know, it just struck me.

I was about to hit golf balls. I’m like, oh my God, it’s been 15 years. I’m still not happy with my golf swing.

Like, what is that, you know, didn’t happen in basketball, soccer anywhere else. But so, the good news that sent me in an entirely different direction, I really had this like, epiphany, like, okay, what’s something that all these methods want.

Working Backward from the Club’s Impact

And anyway, it was how the club needs to come through impact. And it started me going in this direction, which at the time I didn’t see any other pros doing.

Nowadays there are some other pros that at least use a piece of what I learned back then. And that is to really focus on what the club’s doing through impact as a starting point, and then work back from there.

New Movement Strategy

But anyway, I just wanted to share just like I said, as quick as I could here, I’m sure I’ve skipped a lot of pieces. But the fact that it took me 15 years to break free from swing methods, because I thought that was the only way to learn.

But then when I broke free, and I started looking at this new approach, and I didn’t see anyone else doing it, which was odd because I thought, okay, this is a way better way to go here.

Why hasn’t anyone shown me this or talked about this. Not that I had heard anyway. And then I started feeling, you know, my athletic self show up again, I started having a golf swing.

That felt good to my body, because I’d stopped like thinking somebody can show me the right way to sway. And it was so freeing, and I’ve been teaching that way ever since over 20 years now. So, I think that pretty much covers it.

Break Free from Swing Methods

I’m thinking I missed something, but anyway, bottom line, I broke free from swing methods, which was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

And I want to offer to you to do the same. I’m going to create a lot of videos about it to help you understand what that means, what it is, why it’s faster, why it’s the only way to guarantee results and not just golf results, but to have a swing that fits your body in the best way, because you know, we’re all unique.

Our bodies are all different. And the only way to find your best swing is to break free from swing methods.

It’s not something anybody can tell you, you know, you can’t go to a pro and say, tell me my best way. Even though a lot of pros are taught, that’s true. And I taught that way 15 years, like I said, so, you know, it was, it was what I believed at the time was true. Is that I had this great knowledge that I was going to impart anyway.

There’s such an easier way than swing methods. I’ll be talking a lot more about it and I really hope you take the time to learn it, because it will spare you from years of struggle and frustration.

Come Join Me

I mean, the idea 15 years for a natural athlete to be looking for a swing and not find it, it’s like, wow, that, whereas I would say isn’t that interesting. So, what’s even more interesting is that I’ll be showing you this new way.

That will be way better, get your results a lot faster. And to me be a lot more fun and enjoyable of a process and really help you be you.

Because I know at this point, no golf pro can tell you your best way, any more than a golf pro could tell you your biggest dreams, you know, that comes from inside.

So anyway, I look forward to sharing a lot more about this and definitely feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I’ll sit in front of this camera and hopefully get you some answers. Okay. Thanks.

What is REAL Golf Improvement?

What is REAL Golf Improvement?

REAL Golf Improvement™ is a faster, simpler, easier, and fun way to improve your golf game that guarantees results.  We’re not talking about another new way to swing!!  We’re talking about a completely different, much more effective way to approach golf improvement as a whole!

Did you know? Millions of golfers struggle to improve their games each year. For many, golf is frustrating, confusing, and downright HARD!

All the time and money golfers invest, you’d expect to see better results.

Is Improving Your Golf Game Difficult?

It may surprise you to learn that the number one reason improving your golf game has been difficult is NOT what most people think.

People think the game of golf itself is the problem. “Golf is a hard game to learn.”

Others blame themselves.  “I must not be coordinated enough.”  “I guess I’m not a very good learner.”


The #1 reason golfers are frustrated and struggling is because the conventional approach to golf improvement is difficult.  That’s great news because it’s not you and it’s not golf!  It’s the WAY most golfers have been approaching improvement that’s made it so difficult!

“Golf improvement is only difficult
when you’re trying to learn the hard way.”
– Dori O’Rourke

There’s a FASTER, EASIER Way!

REAL Golf Improvement™ is a much faster, easier, and more fun way to improve YOUR golf game.

REAL Golf Improvement™ goes beyond the conventional approach of

  • Swing Methods
  • Swing Thoughts
  • Swing Tips

With REAL Golf Improvement™ you enjoy YOUR best golf!!

  • Your Best SWING
  • Your Best PLAY
  • Your Best PRACTICE

Spare yourself from years of struggle!!  Get started with REAL Golf Improvement™ TODAY!