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PHOTO:  LPGA Teaching Professional, Dori O’Rourke (Creator, REAL Golf Improvement),
and barrier-breaking PGA Golf Legend, Lee Elder (Dori’s Step-Dad)

YOU Will Succeed … Guaranteed
Enrollment is NOW OPEN!

JOIN NOW!  SAVE $100 – PLUS 1 Full Year FREE!
Membership officially begins July 1st, 2023
But, your benefits start May 1st!

There’s an EASIER and MORE FUN Way to Improve YOUR GOLF GAME!

REAL Golf Improvement is an EASIER and MORE FUN way to improve your golf game, and guarantee ongoing RESULTS! And, the most effective way to apply REAL Golf Improvement to your game is to join RGI Insiders™.

That’s why RGI Insiders is our top recommendation for any golfer who wants to learn, play, or improve.  And, why it’s included with all our private and group coaching packages (for anyone who isn’t already a member).


What You Receive

Our Premier Online Golf Program for
Golfers of ALL LEVELS

  • RGI LIVE Coaching – $1,800+ value
    • 12-18x per year
    • Average 1-2 times per month via Zoom 
    • Ask your questions live or submit them in advance
    • Calls recorded in case you can’t make the calls
    • Answers added to Members Q&A Library
  • Accelerated Results Programs (ARP’s) – $875+ value
    • Minimum 5-6x per year
    • 5-Session Accelerated Programs
    • Featuring Videos and LIVE coaching on a variety of topics
    • Covering the most important information you need
    • Each will sell individually for $175 each
  • RGI Training Center – $750+ value
    • $2,500 value (after 1st year) 
    • RGI videos and materials
    • Including progress tracking tools and more
  • Members Q&A Library – $500+ value
    • member questions and answers sorted for easy access
  • RGI Golf Books – $100+ value
    • Digital copies of all the new RGI golf books
  • Dori’s Golf Books – $50+ value
    • I Found the Golf God and Custom-Fit YOUR Golf Swing
  • RGI Community Celebration
    • Share your personal bests and more
  • Member Only Savings
    • Periodic special offers and savings on select products and services
  • Locked-In Pricing
    • Protect yourself from price increases with locked-in pricing
    • Your membership price will never increase as long as you stay a member

BONUSES – $1,200+ value

  • SAVE $100 – $100 value
  • 1-Year FREE! – $475 value
    • Buy 1 year and get a 2nd year FREE!
    • Valid thru April 30, 2023
  • 3 BONUS Coaching Sessions – $450 value
    • For the first 50 Insiders ONLY!
  • Golf Swing Video Analysis – $250 value
    • Ask Dori anything about your swing
    • For the first 30 Insiders ONLY!
  • Autographed Copy of New Book! – Priceless
    • REAL Golf Improvement, the book, will be available by summer!
    • For the first 20 Insiders ONLY!

TOTAL PACKAGE – Over $5,000 value!


Important Dates

    • May 1st, 2023: Insiders Members Area Opens  – The RGI Insiders online members area will be open for submitting questions and golf swing videos.
      • May 15th, 2023: LIVE Coaching Schedule Announced – You’ll learn the different days when LIVE coaching will be available. You’ll also learn the dates for the first 3 Accelerated Results Programs, each with LIVE weekly coaching.
      • July 1st, 2023: RGI Insiders Offically Begins – Your 1st year RGI Insiders membership PLUS 2nd year BONUS will be valid from July 1st, 2023 thru June 30th, 2025!


      • If I’m a new golfer, will this program help me?  Yes.  This program is designed for golfers of all levels.  Plus, for a limited time, you can receive $100 savings and 1-year free membership. If you live in San Diego and you’d like more extensive coaching, we also recommend checking out the Start GOLF Right™ program.  It’s the best way for a new golfer to get started right.
      • Am I locking myself into an annual membership fee?  No. This is a one-time payment.  At the end of your membership term, you’ll have the opportunity to sign-up for another year.
      • Does RGI Insiders include coaching? Yes, RGI Insiders includes LIVE monthly group coaching via Zoom.  The Accelerated Results Programs (ARP’s) also include LIVE weekly coaching via Zoom.  Members are also encouraged to submit their questions and golf swing videos for a chance to have them used for the monthly Members Q&A videos.  For private coaching or more extensive coaching, we recommend checking into our Private and Group Coaching Programs.
      • What if I can’t attend the live coaching sessions? The LIVE coaching sessions are a wonderful benefit.  Even if you can’t attend live, you can still take advantage of the coaching by submitting your questions in advance.  Also, all the sessions are recorded, so you can always access them in the Members Q&A Library.

      We look forward to celebrating
      your ongoing improvement with you!