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One-size-fits-all swing methods are the HARD WAY to improve your swing!  With RGI, you’ll learn YOUR best swing – the easiest, most comfortable, most powerful swing for your unique body.

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Thinking about a list of swing thoughts makes golf much more DIFFICULT!  With RGI, you’ll learn how to maintain YOUR ideal state for greater enjoyment, lower scores, and ultimate consistency.


Jumping from one swing tip to the next makes it IMPOSSIBLE to achieve results!  With RGI, you’ll always know YOUR most important change, and the fastest, easiest, most FUN way to own it!

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I’m convinced there’s real hope for this old war horse of a golfer. You’re not only a radical innovator; you’re a superb teacher.”


— Dr. Bill Brahm, Avid Golfer

Do you know the BIGGEST thing
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Golf Information
Clutter! (GIC)

And, do you know the 3 BIGGEST culprits?




YES!  The 3 main things you’re looking to for help are actually the 3 BIGGEST things holding you back!

They are GIC in YOUR BRAIN!

Here’s what GIC in the brain
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In a nutshell,
REAL Golf Improvement
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